About The International Socialist Guild

On this page you will learn about the International Socialist Guild. We are a private membership organisation, dedicated to advancement of the Socialist cause.

Welcome to the International Socialist Guild!

Founded in 2020 by Ben Timberley in the UK, this Private Members Guild is for genuine Socialists of all kinds to socialise, network, educate, be educated, organise and campaign for the cause.

It was formed to provide the unchained organising clout required to support Socialist interests around the world. The organisation is NOT a political party. It is NOT affiliated to ANY political party. It does NOT support ANY political party.

It operates as a private concern, with no overseeing committee, no shadowy cabals, no corrupted officials, and no facade of an electoral system to be bought, twisted and used against us to bring it all crashing down around the ears of said Socialists.

Socialism in the 21st century is in crisis. It has a crisis of purpose, a crisis of identity, a crisis of organisation, and a crisis of policy. With Socialist communities hopelessly split into hundreds of often tiny factions across the planet (usually because of self-anointed personality cult 'celebrities'), Socialism has been successfully neutered by a coordinated strike from nation states, opposing private entities, corporations, intelligence agencies, media conglomerates, and more. All of it driven by those WITH wealth, against those without.

Our movement has been hopelessly mired in the past in terms of organisation, and political consensus. We look to theoretical models created a century ago as somehow being contemporary in a 'plug and play' fashion with our movement today.

We need a reinvention. We need an update. We need Socialism 2.0 to be brought online NOW.

This isn't something that can be left to a 'top table' of the 'usual suspects'. This is something that everyone who believes in the principles of Socialism must participate in, and contribute to. You are here to do both for Socialism - Participate & Contribute.

The platform you are on now has been entirely funded and built by the ISG to give you a secure, private space - protected by Intellectual Property LAW & TECHNOLOGY - to be able to organise in peace without newspapers, political party compliance teams, internet stalkers or any other non-law enforcement agency from using your content against you. It is a private members space. What is said in the Guild forum, stays in the Guild forum, unless authorised otherwise by the Guild. Screengrabs, copy & paste, downloads, photographs of visual displays... they're all included. Nothing gets out that can be publicly used or processed in any way, unless we want it to.

The outcomes for breaking this golden rule will be very clear to those who do so.

The Guild will also perform basic identity checks on those who wish to join. Unlike social media, you can be fairly sure of who you are talking with inside the Guild. You may have noticed the massive scale of astroturfing fake account usage on social media, by the enemies of Socialism. Social media platforms are both the enemy of our movement, and also infested with the enemies of our movement. This is why we have built this secured platform for you, away from social media.

If you're a Socialist, join the Guild today. Stand up on your own and be the Socialist the world needs you to be.

With Thanks,

Ben Timberley - ISG Founder.